New Year- New Start!


The New Year is often thought of as an opportunity for a new start, a chance to create a whole new you and have a new beginning. Besides celebrating with parties, overloads of special foods and fireworks, many people make New Year’s resolutions. If you’re like most people (including me), you probably make a New Year’s resolution and promptly forget about it within a few weeks. 

It’s easy to come up with a resolution and enter the new year with high hopes, but the hardest part is often sticking to it throughout the year. So of course making a New Year’s resolution doesn’t work because it’s basically saying, “I want to make a change, but I’m not going to do it now. I’m going to do it in January.” That’s not self-discipline, that’s procrastination, right? Often people make a resolution to lose weight and work out more. Sounds great, right? The problem is they know they need to make a change but don’t want to do it right now, they want to do it later.

In the meantime, instead of making an effort to make a change, more effort is being made setting themselves up for failure. People tend to get into the mindset of, “Well my New year’s resolution starts in January, so let me enjoy as much of this holiday food now because soon I won’t be able to eat like this anymore.” Huge mistake. It’s not possible to make such a major life-style change from one day to the next, you have to start small.

A study shows that the reason most of us fail to stick to our New Year’s resolutions has nothing to do with our strength of character or our willpower. Instead, it is because we neglect to think through how we plan to achieve our goals. So this year instead of focusing on your goal, focus on the steps and planning needed to achieve that goal. The more detailed your planning is, the more likely it is that you will take action and organize your daily living around reaching that goal.

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Nutcracker Market- A holiday shopping extravaganza!


It’s that time of year again… the 33rd annual Nutcarcker Market is here!

 In 1981, Preston Frazier, who is a long-time supporter of the Houston Ballet came up with an idea to raise money for the Houston Ballet Foundation, its academy and their scholarship programs. He wanted to have a holiday market in the tradition of  European or Latin American street markets. How much do we all love our vacations to Mexico because of the side by side shopping opportunities..?

The Nutcracker Market has grown from a church-bazaar to a four-day shopping extravaganza at Reliant Center. More than 300 vendors from across the country participate in this spectacular event. Imagine the diversity of what you will see. Since people love shopping, last year, over 68,000 people spent over $9.1 million buying from these national and international merchants. Talk about shopping till you drop. Atleast when you shop at the Nutcracker Market, you can say you’re shopping for a good cause. 

Over the years, the Nutcracker Market has contributed over $22 million to the Houston Ballet Foundation. This funding helps developing, young dancers who will eventually become the backbone of Houston Ballet. This company attracts the world’s best dancers and choreographers. Their state of the art facilities provides dancers with an environment that can help them further develop their skills. So maybe this year instead of shopping for everyone on your Christmas list at your local mall, go out and experience this holiday shopping wonderland and make your shopping count!


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Is There An “I” In Team..?”


This year, my ten year old son is playing basketball for his elementary school. They have a coach by the name of Coach Rodriguez. The season consists of six games, one every week and the team has fourteen players. The games are only twenty minutes long, which makes it difficult to play fourteen kids.

The agreement the coach had with the players and parents was that for each game, he would choose five players the week before the game. The players would know who was playing in the upcoming game by receiving a letter that says, “Congratulations! You are playing in next week’s game!”

We were also told that five different kids would be chosen every week so they could all get a chance to play. What the coach was going to take into consideration when choosing these five players every week, was their conduct at school that week, whether or not they showed up to practice every day that week and who is showing dedication. Continue reading

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Halloween History


Since much of the history of Halloween wasn’t written down for centuries; some of it is still sketchy and subject to debate. It is believed that Halloween originated in the British Isles and actually goes back as far as 5 B.C. It was believed that spirits rose from the dead and mingled with the living on this day. The Celts left food at their doors to welcome good spirits and wore masks to scare off the bad ones. I guess that explains why we hand out candy and wear costumes, in case you ever found yourself wondering that. During the massive Irish immigration into America in the 1840’s, Halloween made its way to the United States. Continue reading

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Texas Renaissance Festival

Texas renaissance festival logoThe Texas Renaissance Festival embraces different eras, including the 16th century and beyond.

The Festival in Magnolia, TX,  and it is the largest Renaissance theme park in the United States. Filled with plenty of fun things to do and interesting things to see, especially people dressed in the 16th century attire; you will even come across actors who stay true to their character for eight weeks. For the past 39 years, their annual attendance continues to grow from  people that look forward to seeing these diverse and multi-talented people. With hundreds of daily performances, including thousands of actors, the Texas Renaissance Festival strives each year to bring you the best in Renaissance themed entertainment. Continue reading

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Small Details

In the 24 years of successfully selling amenities for the lodging and institutional markets; we have noticed that small details on our product packaging have made VVF Amenities stand out in the North American market. Early in our rookie days … Continue reading

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Welcome to VVF Amenities Blog

Welcome to VVF Amenities first blog post.This blog will help us to communicate to you our dear reader all the interesting things we find in the bar soaps, shampoo, conditioner and lotion world. But besides that we would like to also post interesting articles as well as current and funny events happening around the globe.

We would love to hear from you; please leave us feedback and suggestions. Make sure you visit our website for more information on our products. Striving to provide the best service with high quality product is what we do daily.

Thank you for reading our blog and hope to click on our next blog.

Make it a great day!
VVF Amenities

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